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Important Information for Applicants

We request you to read the below information and instructions carefully before proceeding with your application
  1. HireCheck processing the applications based on the details provided and documents uploaded by the applicants. It is the applicant’s duty and responsibility to ensure your details are filled correctly and completely in the application form. Upload clear and complete images of your documents to avoid rejections of documents and possible delays in processing time.
  2. Every international background check request required to submit a minimum of 4 documents to prove your identity. Please check the availability of your identity documents before the application.
    As Primary Document– Passport/ Driver’s License or Birth Certificate (any one document)
    As Secondary Document – Driver’s License/ Visa Document/ Utility Bills (Electricity, Mobile Phone, Land Phone, Internet or Gas Connection)/ Rental (Lease) Agreement/ Marriage Certificate or School/ (Secondary School) Certificate (any one document)
    As Supporting Documents -Medicare Card/ Student ID Card/ Visa Approval Notice/ Centrelink Concession/ Private (Student) Health Insurance Card/ University Transcript/ Utility Bills (Electricity, Mobile Phone, Land Phone, Internet or Gas Connection)/ Bank Account Statement with Name and Address/ Trade Association Card/ Credit Reference Check/ University Course Enrolment Notice or Government Organisation ID Card (any two documents)
  3. If you are under 18 years of age, we’ll need the consent of a parent and few other details to complete your application.
  4. We do our best to process your requested verification and send you the results in the expected time schedule. But, since we are dealing with different international service providers, government bodies and other organisations to complete your check, there can be unexpected delays to process your check at some situations. So, please apply for your verification at least 1 week in advance to offset any unexpected delays in the process. We will also keep you updated about any such events by email.
  5. You can check the prices for our verification services at the Pricing menu to get a clear idea about your request before the application.